If you google FSBO flat fee mls it seems like everybody and their brother has a site and can put you on the MLS. (Sell you this & sell you that) several ways to turn a fast buck on your credit card; Did you know almost anybody who can pay about $100 a month can get one of these sites from website several providers. 
Before you "Get what you pay for" please consider just a couple points I would like to make for you to consider:

  • The brokers on these sites ( IF they are real brokers working with you ) are not local and have no clue about local customs, Missouri state real estate laws, real estate procedures in the area and can really put you in a tight spot legally if you take their advice and they are wrong. There is a multitude of concerns with not being versed in real estate laws.
  • Some guarantee satisfaction or your money back! You will love this one! You must let them refer you to one of their local "Full Fee" brokers and when your home sells they will refund your money out of the heavy referral fee they will get from the local agent who lists your house and gets it sold. by the way they don't disclose that little bit of info, generally 25%-40% of the gross commission on 3% sales price, so they make more money when the flat fee MLS fails and they refer you. On a 150k sale they earn  as much as $1800! It makes me wonder if this isn't the "True" business purpose.
  • Missouri has minimum service laws and you may be the best in the home seller in the world and have everything together but buyers agents normally have a difficult time dealing with an out of state broker with limited service &  representation. To require local agents to deal with someone ( Out of state broker ) who is unfamiliar with our forms and procedures can cause our buyers great difficulty in buying your home. Many may feel its just not worth the effort. It's much better for local buyers to have a seller represented by a local experienced professional Realtor who knows exactly what to do to keep everything legal and fair and balanced.
  • Most if not all of these MLS listing sites are "Gateway" lead and revenue sites for the owners with lots of bells and whistles and tons of upgrades, they do serve a purpose in the industry, but at who's expense?