Founded in March 2016 by David Sekunda; HouseKey Flat Fee Realty in Springfield Missouri is fast becoming the local real estate industry game changer in real estate listing fees. HouseKey charges one low listing fee of $2995.00 paid at closing no matter what the sales price, HouseKey brings common sense into a real estate industry rooted in a 6% or percentage based fee program. HouseKey charges a flat fee so all home sellers pay the same amount and it is based on the service HouseKey agents provide and not the value of their home.

HouseKey and its business model were created and is 100% based on what you would find with any traditional real estate company. HouseKey Flat Fee Realty operates just as if it was a traditional real estate model with agents ( Realtors) leading the client service experience. HouseKey goes farther than most conventional brokerages in that it rewards agents for excellence in client services; in fact unlike other brokerages where pay increases are based only upon dollar volume closed, HouseKey awards their Realtors on dollar volume as well as customer service experiences.

HouseKey has saved sellers thousands of dollars in listing side fees over the 3 short years it has been in business and we continue to grow in better ways to serve both our home selling clients as well as with those purchasing homes with HouseKey Flat Fee Realty.

Our business model has been seen on many local TV networks like KOLR, KY3, Fox and more as a common sense way of getting your home sold fast and for top dollar but with savings. If you are thinking about selling anytime soon, consider checking out HouseKey Flat fee Realty and find out what we can do for you. From homes priced at $50,000 to over 5 Million dollars, HouseKey has proven to be a reputable real estate solution to all types of home sellers.